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Plain Purple Duffle Bags

This one’s classy in it’s own minimalist way. You can carry this spacious purple duffle bag on your shoulders and also in your hands.

Large Purple Duffle Bag

Purple Duffle Bag

This small and chic duffle bag is the most suited for anyone going for a short trip. It will contain all the necessary items that you may need and is also super easy to carry.

Small Purple Duffle Bag

Purple Duffle Bag Pictures

Purple Duffle Bag Photos

Printed Purple Duffle Bag

Purple and Gold Duffle Bag

Personalized Purple Duffle Bags

The front flap of this bag can come in very handy if you want to keep some smaller essentials in it, like your toothbrush, charger or a comb. This is what makes traveling a better experience.

Purple Chevron Duffle Bag

Purple Duffle Bag Images

Purple Sequin Duffle Bags

Purple Sequin Duffle Bag

If you like it shiny, this polka dotted gleaming duffle bag is the one for you. It will carry whatever you need, from clothes, to your laptop to any other thing.

Purple and Gold Polka Dot Duffle Bag

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