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Pink and Black Duffle Bags

Pink Duffle Bag

The striking combination of pink and black catches your eyes. The long strap having shades of black and white enhances the appearance even more.

Large Pink Duffle Bag

Pink and Black Duffle Bag

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A pink bag with insulated straps, spacious compartments, and sturdy zippers make a good option for fitness-loving women. After all, what could be more comfortable than a soft bag while you go to your gym?

Duffle Bag Pink

Hot Pink Duffle Bag

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A pale pink bag offering space will be your favorite accessory, once you own it. Either in hands or on your shoulder, you may carry the bag according to your wish.

Light Pink Duffle Bag

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Suppose you are going for a short trip, then instead of carrying a trolley bag, such a duffle bag will be ideal. The big bag allows you to have clothes for 3-4 days.

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Pink Duffle Bag Large

Pink Duffle Bag Pictures

Why compromise on exhibiting style when you can have such a beautiful bag? From towels to gym outfits all can be accommodated inside the bag.

Pink Duffle Bags

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