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The white tote bag is cute and would be useful for collecting seashells at the beach. Don’t worry about it getting dirty as you can easily wash it.

Kids Tote Bags
Tote Bags for Kids
Small Tote Bags for Kids

The blue tote bag is ideal for your kids to carry it to school. You can even customize it by printing their names on it. The shoulder strap could be adjusted as per their convenience.

Tote Bags for School Kids
Reusable Tote Bags Kids
Personalized Tote Bags for Kids
Kids Zipper Tote Bag
Kids Tote Bag

The bag, having a combination of light brown and pink, is quite appealing. It could be your child’s personal grocery bag. The two buttoned straps on the side and three pretty flowers add to the charm.

Kids Tote Bag Picture
Kids Tote Bag Image
Kids Canvas Tote Bag

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