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Kids’ Small Messenger Bags

This lovely pink bag would be any girl’s prized possession. The cute flower and beaded chain are the bag’s attractive features. Let them carry it to birthday parties or other special events and see the compliments pouring in.

Kids Mini Messenger Bag
Kids Messenger Bag with Zipper
Kids Messenger Bag Hello Kitty

The little leather bag is simple and classy. With a thin strap attached, they could flaunt it in style at the side of their shoulders. The ribbon at the front add to the bag’s charm.

Kids Leather Messenger Bag

Kid’s Big Messenger Bags

If seeking a pretty school bag for your daughter, this pink messenger bag would be an excellent choice. The front part looks attractive with little images of flowers and cupcakes, while the side is covered with polka dots. With a thick shoulder strap, your kids can comfortably carry it across their body.

Kids Messenger Bag
Kids School Messenger Bag
Kids Messenger Bag Picture
Kids Messenger Bag Image

The leopard prints all over the bag look stylish and pretty appealing. It’s large and spacious enough to easily hold all the essentials of your kids. The buckled straps ensure all the things are extra safe and secure inside.

Kids Messenger Bag Photo
Kids Messenger Bag Backpack
Kids Canvas Messenger Bag
Images of Kids Messenger Bag

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