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Large Jute Tote Bags

Images of Jute Tote Bags

Jute Tote Bags Images

At the first glance you might mistake the bag to be made of denim, but its actually a deep navy blue collection with the lovely hand-screen printed typography inscribed in canvas white. Having sufficient space makes it ideal for using as a gym bag or a shopping bag.

Jute Tote Bags Photos

If you are someone having a fetish for light colors, this plain-color bag fits the bill. Your everyday essentials right from laptop to packed foods can easily go into it.

Jute Tote Bags Pictures

Jute Tote Bags with Leather Handles

A monogrammed bag with robust leather handles boasts of a charm that is hard to resist. As its over-sized, you can imagine the number of things that can slip into the bag.

Monogrammed Jute Tote Bags

Unlike other chevron bags, this one has a scattered appearance, intensifying the casual tones. Made from durable and textured jute, it will surely last long.

Pictures of Jute Tote Bags

Small Jute Tote Bags

When not in use, you can add an artistic touch to the bag adorning it with sequins or studs. You may even consider coloring the bag with myriad fabric paints and flaunt it off.

Jute Tote Bag

Jute Tote Bags

Personalized Jute Tote Bags

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