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Pink Holographic Duffle Bag

The shimmery glaze of the pink holographic duffle bag is its attractive feature. The handle on the black strap gives you an option to hold it in your hand, besides carrying it over your shoulder.

Holographic Duffle Bag
Pink Holographic Duffle Bag
Holographic Furry Duffle Bag

The blue undertones and yellow strap creates a perfect contrast to the pink holographic bag. It’s pretty stylish, particularly when you carry at the crook of your elbow.

Holographic Duffle Bag Picture

Blue Holographic Duffle Bag

The leopard-like black spots over the holographic design make the duffle bag stand out. The plain blue sides, handles, and long strap provide a simple yet stylistic approach.

Holographic Duffle Bag Photo

Silver Holographic Duffle Bags

The foil-like shine is eye-catching but not super flashy. In case you’re thinking of holding it in your hands, you could easily detach the long straps and keep it inside the bag.

Holographic Duffle Bags
Holographic Duffle Bag Image
Duffle Holographic Bag

Multi-Colored Holographic Duffle Bag

If you are seeking a bag that would highlight your lively spirit, you could opt for this multi-colored holographic duffle bag, ideal for a beach party or any other fun outing.

Holograph Duffle Bags for Girls

Clear Holographic Duffle Bag

If you don’t mind flaunting your personal belongings while traveling, you could keep them inside this clear duffle bag.

Clear Holographic Duffle Bag

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