Suede Ditty Bags

Ditty Bag

Best Made Bitty Bag

A gray ditty bag made of suede has a soft texture. The drawstring is the reason why using this is easier than other bags.

Canvas Ditty Bag

Mens Ditty Bag

Waxed Canvas Ditty Bag

This one has a combination of gray and blue with a bright white drawstring. The drawstring is long enough to use as straps for holding the bag.

Ditty Bag Images

Cotton Ditty Bags

Ditty Bag Photos

Ditty Bag Pictures

Cotton bags are washable, hence using a white bag won’t be a problem for you. This one, in particular, has a vintage look.

Sailors Ditty Bag

Navy Ditty Bag

Leather Ditty Bags

Ditty Bags

Entirely made of leather, the sturdy bag is likely to last for a long time. The golden hardware and the white drawstring are two enhancements.

Leather Ditty Bag

Mesh Ditty Bags

Mesh Ditty Bag

Nylon Ditty Bags

If you are traveling soon, then keeping one or two nylon ditty bags inside your suitcase is important. Various bright shades are available and if they are wet for any reasons, they will be dried up soon.

Nylon Ditty Bags

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