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Betty Boop Black Tote Bags

The Betty Boop face on the polka dot background is eye-catching. Your child could wear a little polka dotted swimsuit while carrying the bag to the beach to look super cute and trendy.

Betty Boop Canvas Tote Bag
Betty Boop Tote Bags
Black Betty Boop Tote Bag

Betty Boop Pink Tote Bags

The pink tote bag is super adorable and has a thick strap and zip line for comfortable use.

Betty Boop Tote Bag

Betty Boop Tote Bag Image

Betty Boop Tote Bag Picture

Betty Boop White Tote Bags

The combination of white and blue make the bag look simple and casual. It’s soft and lightweight, making for a perfect medical bag for nursing students.

Betty Boop Nurse Tote Bag
Betty Boop Print Tote Bag
Betty Boop Tote Bag Photo

Betty Boop Red Tote Bag

If you are on the lookout for a roomy bag, this one would be an excellent choice. The spacious interior with a zipline allows you to accommodate all that you need quite conveniently.

Large Betty Boop Tote Bag

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